Some Prospects Will Not Respond – Jon Wyderka

Some prospects will not respond. They will turn you down no matter what you do or say. How is the prospect ranking for the 5 to 10 organic phrases that mean the most to their business? If they’re not in the top 5 we can help them. That doesn’t mean that they’ll take the bait.

This is precisely why you have to work in a rapid fire click next manner. It’s a numbers game. When you get a warm body that wants to talk make your pitch to the best of your ability and get them on the phone with management. This is your job and your only job until you can close them on your own. You have to call hundreds upon hundreds of web sites. Researching the companies or the sites up front is worthless. Keep those that do not react favorably in your pipeline and contact them again after a while. Things may change.

Ask this question: “Are you highly ranked in the top five spots for the 5-10 phrases that would bring you the most money?” This question is a powerful qualifier. We already know the answer to this question. Almost no web site ranks in the top 5 spots for their most important key word phrases. They may not agree with the value of what we can do but we can do it for them. We get the best results in the business. This question quickly separates them into whether or not they understand the value of what a high organic ranking can do for their business.

“Mr. Prospect, with all due respect, where are you currently ranked for the 5 to 10 key words that would bring you the most money? If you’re not in the top 5 spots for these phrases, you’re really not in the game. The top 5 spots get most (76.65%) of the business. If you’re not ranked there, your search engine optimization program is clearly not working.”

We are a good, ethical company that gets the best results in the business. We are among the very best in the world. You won’t find a better internet marketing company out there, bar none.

Don’t let prospects get you down. We have the best product available. Good luck to them if they don’t take advantage of what we have to help them.

Yes, price is important, but the most important thing is the results you receive. We’re very competitive on pricing, but if someone charges you $500 less per month and they don’t get you ranked in the top 5, was the money you spent worth it? ranks for 10 of his key word phrases in the top five spots on Google. We put his business on the map. He now has a virtual store in every zip code in the United States.

We have the best pricing in the country. No one else gets the results we get. Most SEO companies (95%) cannot get the job done. They cannot get you ranked. They will never get you ranked in the top 5 positions in Google for any competitive phrases. We can do this and we do it every day on Google in the first five spots. We get the job of obtaining high rankings done. Most other companies will never get you there no matter how long you stay with them and no matter how much you pay them.

Google continues to make changes. They’re now doing something called instant search. It delivers results based on the letters you type. As soon as you enter a letter it begins delivering results.

Social Media is not directly tied to ranking but it has an influence on how well you rank. The current role of Social Media includes improving brand perception along with reaching out to participate with specific targeted audiences on the web.

Search results are based on the relevancy of your key words. The instant factor in search may make single word searches more important. The effect of making single words more important is that it will become more expensive to get highly ranked. Those key first words in a search with instant results will demand a premium in getting ranked for that one word. If the searcher gets the results they’re looking for with the first word, they may not complete the entire phrase. Those results that appear first will get more of the sales. As Google changes we are right there on top of the changes. We are always ahead of the curve and at the cutting edge with everything in internet marketing. Whichever way Google goes we will be there to meet them.

On the Pay per Click side we meet with Google weekly. We don’t meet with their sales reps but rather with account managers that help us manage our current campaigns. They also help us gain new clients for sponsored link Google Ad Words advertising.

We are the best in the world, the leading company doing SEO and internet marketing.

Ranking reports are sent to clients every two weeks. You can access your clients’ data through our web site. Contact your clients every two weeks to check in. Make sure they are receiving the ranking reports. See that they are getting everything they want and need. Make sure no concerns are arising. We don’t make many mistakes but this will ensure they are completely happy and overjoyed at the service we provide.

The CPC noted in SEM Rush is the average price it takes to be in the top three spots in the bid for the key word phrase. Organic listings get 84% of the clicks versus 16% for the sponsored links. If your prospect thinks that Pay per Click is better than organic ranking it may be because he’s tried other SEO companies. They never got him ranked highly in the top 5 spots. The prospects who have tried this and been burned may conclude that SEO doesn’t work. SEO works the way we do it. Their vendor failed them. 95% of the so called SEO companies in the market will not get the job done. They won’t be able to get the client ranked highly. Sure, they move them up from #200 to #20 or so, or even to #12. What’s important is that very few searchers will buy from #12. 94.75% of the sales go to the first page, the first 10 listings. On page one 76.65% of the business done on the internet goes to the first five listings. Our job is to get them to first page quickly and then move them up on the first page. The competition gets tougher the higher you go. Your job is to thoroughly differentiate us from the 95% of the SEO/Internet Marketing Companies that cannot and will not deliver. Many of your prospects are already using an ineffective internet marketing company.

CTR = click through ratio; you can search for an internet marketing glossary on the web to look up terms you don’t understand.

QSO = quality source optimization, or quality site optimization; in pay per click it is used by Google to determine where you rank in the Sponsored Links, where the ad is placed in the listings, and how much the bidder ultimately pays per click. QSO is based on the quality of the landing page, ad quality, and click through ratio. If the elements of the QSO are labeled poor by Google you will receive fewer impressions. Your ad doesn’t show as often and you pay more per click and show lower in the queue of listings. If you don’t improve your web site, your landing page, and your ad, you’ll pay more and show up less. It used to be that if you had more money to bid with and you bid higher you automatically show up first in Pay per Click. This is no longer the case because of the use by Google of the QSO.

Based on our research and experience with our own large client base of PPC clients, the number 3 position gets the most conversions. It’s closest in proximity to the organic listings and the first two are often used to research what’s available. The searcher then buys from the #3 spot.

Make something happen – pick up the telephone, get assertive, tell them what you want to do. Make statements. Don’t ask questions. “Mr. Prospect, what I want to do is put some information on your desk that will clearly separate us from the crowd, Fair Enough? What’s your email? This white paper may well be the best 5-10 minutes you’ll ever spend on internet marketing. I’ll call you back tomorrow to discuss. If you don’t see the benefit and value we bring, I’ll move on.”

Research the information on Pay per Click and the QSO for the next training session. – Jon Wyderka

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Tell Them Who We Are and What We Do

Go get accounts by talking to them about who we are and what we do. Deliver the pitches exactly as taught. When they ask a question you can’t answer, arrange a call with Management. Explain who we are, what we do, and why it’s important to talk to us. That’s what this job is. Don’t go too deep. Just get them interested in talking to us. The nuances and complexity will work out later; you don’t need them to sign up clients. Pick up the telephone and get going. One experienced rep has been in Internet Marketing since 1999 but he learned most of what he knows in the last 1 ½ years with our company. Much of what he learned before is no longer of value to him now as the internet has changed dramatically and continues to change.

Anyone with desire, passion, and energy can get things rolling. Get out a white paper, gain the prospect’s interest and arrange a conference call with Management. “They will answer every question; they are gurus in the space. If after speaking with them you don’t see the benefit and value in speaking with us further, I’ll never, ever call to waste your time again, Fair Enough?”

It’s a simple process, if you do it in sufficient volume and activity level, you’ll get people interested.

Read the white paper
Read the SEO Proposal
Use the pitches as written and taught
Use the SEO tool bar
Explain the three step process
Key word Analysis/Key word Effectiveness Inventory
On Page SEO, word by word, phrase by phrase, page by page
Strategic Inbound Linking from a proprietary network of web sites, social media, and blogs that we have continued to grow since early 2007. We’re years ahead of our competitors, if they’ve even figured this out. They won’t ever catch up as we add to our network in an ongoing fashion.

An experienced rep says he still uses Management to help with closing a transaction and signing up an account. Some prospects can get started in a couple of weeks. Others may take months. That’s why it’s important to get people and a lot of them interested so you can continue to work with them while in your pipeline.

There is no better business to be involved in during a recession.

A rep volunteered a list of what to do to get clients:
The pitches, #1 and #2 from memory and bullet points only, don’t read them
Know how to use the SEO tool bar to determine site age, Inbound Links they currently have; the X-Ray button for title and Meta data, Meta descriptions
Explain on Page SEO
Explain Strategic Inbound Linking from our proprietary network
Our own site as an example of the kind of work we do and how we get high rankings
Our own site: show examples of the breadth of our capabilities, a true one stop source for everything in internet marketing
The page describing “What happens now that I’m a Client”
The SEO packages and pricing information: what is included in the packages?
– Jon Wyderka –

Jon Wyderka

Jon Wyderka

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Making the Second Call

2nd call
Explain in layman’s terms what we do; what our business is.
If he asks you questions you can’t answer, “I am not expert enough in the details to answer this question with my level of knowledge but I can put you in touch with someone who can. All I need is two times when you can available and I’ll set up the call for you. Are you available Wednesday morning or is Thursday afternoon better for you?”

Don’t be afraid of the pricing. When in doubt go for the $2750 per month package. Possibly suggest and upgrade to Advanced on Page SEO. This will provide a robust program to get started for most businesses. If their key word phrases are among the most competitive it may not be enough to get them where they want to be. More will be revealed as we begin work on their campaign. Very competitive phrases should go with a more robust package for speedier results. The $2750 program will provide very good results, but the $5250 per month program has been utilized by our clients to control and own the first page among large national competitors.

The audio recorded calls in the sales center can teach you how to speak with clients. The calls recorded provide an insight into the types of questions that prospects will ask. Listen to them frequently until you have the contents down pat.

This isn’t easy. Nothing worthwhile is. But, you’ll be building your own business. You don’t have to be negatively impacted by the recession. This is possibly the last opportunity you will need. As internet marketing evolves we will be the company that evolves with it. We will stay on the cutting edge of new developments and products with which to increase our client’s revenue and position in their markets. – Jon Wyderka –

Jon Wyderka

Jon Wyderka

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The Pitch Has to Be Memorized

The pitch has to be memorized; all you’re trying to do is get them to agree to read the white paper that you’re going to send; this should be easy; if you are having difficulty with delivering the first pitch effectively, your approach is incorrect; re-think the way you’re doing this.

Jon Wyderka

Jon Wyderka

Farm for leads on the weekends, evenings, and Holidays
Don’t take so many notes on the calls
Ensure that the pitch is the same every time
Use a click next mentality when making the calls; keep moving forward.

99% of all web sites on the planet may never make it to page one without our help; this indicates that a tremendous market potential exists for our services and your success; all you have to do is identify those that have at least some interest and develop that interest to the point at which they either buy or are moved back into your pipeline; at least some of them will recognize the importance of visibility on the internet and its impact on their business.

Ask for the Marketing Manager of the web site; alternatives are the Sales Manager, VP of Sales; Internet Marketing Manager, Owner, CEO, COO, CFO, others as you discover them.

The program will get the client more visible, increase their targeted traffic, and hence increase sales and profits for their business from the internet. – Jon Wyderka –

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Low Page Rank and Search Engine Optimization

Page Rank does not necessarily indicate how high you will show up in organic rankings; it has some importance, but other aspects will overshadow it; you can get ranked well with a low page rank, and ranking well will influence how high your PR will go in the future; Page Rank in this case refers to Larry Page at Google; it’s confusing to users; it has nothing to do with how high you might rank; it is a score that Google gives, it is sometimes related to how old the site is and how it looks to Google versus at least some of the competing sites in its industry, but is not directly related to organic ranking in the search results on Google; if two sites are otherwise equal, it may determine which one ranks above the other, but on the internet, no two sites are exactly equal; there will always be other determining characteristics; if a site has more current, frequent, varied, and qualified links, the site will probably rank higher than a site with fewer links that has a higher Google Page Rank; We can always work to improve a Page Rank and get the site ranked even before its Google Page Rank improves; Page Rank may tie into the number of times that the site has been indexed, and for this reason may favor an older site, but no clear, direct relationship can be identified; at any rate it is possible to get a site with a low page rank highly ranked in organic search – Jon Wyderka –

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“It’s not what you say that matters” – i.e. you have to feel the belief in your statements. When you believe, no one can put your fire out, if it’s real. It’s not what you say, it’s how you believe, tell them from your heart. Pitch from bullet points – think and believe what you’re talking about. You need to dial the phone at least eight hours a day. This will not work unless you are dialing. You need to call tons of people. These 30 or 40 calls per day will never work. You’ll fail miserably unless you’re calling at least 8 hours a day. If you do this well, you’ll never have to look for a job, again. You must get on this train, now. Now is when the professionals step up. Amateurs keep going until they get it right, professionals do it until they can’t get it wrong.

Video will be added to our service mix, plus additional social media projects and offerings for our clients; the words are what we use, but it’s not what matters; it’s the passion, your heart that makes people gravitate towards you.

You have to really want to help the business owner reach his goals and aspirations. Don’t talk about pricing, or the “special” – sell them on the benefit and value of what we can do for them. Only sell them the “special”, if you can’t get them to move forward through our pitch. If you’re active, you should be getting Management on calls. Management says they have trained people and have them ready to go in order to handle any higher volume of clients that we generate. There won’t be any problems with additional new clients. – Jon Wyderka –

Jon Wyderka

Jon Wyderka

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High Ranking Equals More Sales

Local in Omaha, NE – how does Google work in local search? Does it supply the locale based on the searcher’s location? Yes, usually; for used cars keywords might be “used cars Omaha”; “Seattle Waterfront Seafood Restaurant” – not as much search volume, but further in the buying cycle of the searcher; “Northern Italian Cuisine in Denver”

“We’ve just redesigned our website and put in Search Engine Optimization; we want to see how well it goes before we pay for anything else” – sometimes you have to move on for the present and call back in a month, you can also try an “enhancement” close: “yes, that’s very good that you’ve redesigned your website, many of our best clients have. When they began working with us they found that what we did got them highly ranked making their new website design even more effective as an opening to increased sales.”

We got to #1 ranking for “more web” and “more web traffic”, “more website traffic” in only 45 days! These are the key phrases for our industry, after only 45 days we ranked at the top of our own industry.

SEO – “you guys don’t show up in a search on SEO”. SEO is too generic, it doesn’t bring buyers to the site; it brings researchers, too early or never in a buying mode; many would be window shoppers, students, people who want to learn or know what SEO is, NOT people who have their credit cards in their hands, ready to buy the product; longer tail phrases are becoming more prevalent on Google; longer phrases allow for better targeting, for example: “Bike parts” versus “MX 350 Razor Front Tire” – this will get you a sale; “Bike Parts” is less likely to get you a sale. – Jon Wyderka –

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Implementing On-Page SEO

FTP access to the website is required in order to implement On Page SEO; if the client will not let us access the site, the client must perform the changes we recommend themselves; if not, the SEO campaign will not work.

On Page SEO without linking will still move the site up somewhat; Linking without On Page SEO simply will not work. They are best when done together; if the client can perform only one method, On Page SEO alone is the better choice as a stand alone method.

Recorded Call – Rep, Prospect: Site Origination, 2003; 900 links; ranked in top 20 for 100+ key word phrases; some of the ranked key words are virtually useless for generating business (sales); prospect score is 36%, i.e., 64% deficient with possible duplicate content, broken links, and broken pages; We use a 3-prong approach: 1) key words-based analysis with respect to available budget 2) on page SEO to tighten up the site 3) strategic inbound linking – blogs, web sites, & social media, derived from our network and outside our network, plus we continue to acquire more sites, blogs, social media profiles, and networks of same. – Jon Wyderka –

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SEO and the score is a website that will “score” a prospect’s website to show how a site is viewed by Google and other search engines in a search. Our own first score on was 56%; We performed On Page SEO on our own site; now we score 98%, which is the highest score we have seen; has moved us up in Search Rankings; shows how the on page SEO concept works and how valid it is; it is an example of “practicing what you preach”. This scoring and analysis is completed for each client to give them an indication of how much may need to be improved on their present site to make it search engine friendly, and so that it moves up in the rankings.

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Hello world!

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